digital acceleration
Screwfix is the eCommerce jewel in the Kingfisher crown. Results for the last 12 months were posted earlier today and it’s clear we’ve all been spending on DIY during the lockdowns of 2020. Screwfix grew eCommerce twice as fast as B&Q, despite already being 5 times the size. That is a phenomenal performance!   Overall...
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social media on phone
In our recent post ‘The New Normal’, we identified six key themes for the new, emerging digital retail/ D2C world. 50-60% of retail sales will now be online as a result of Covid-19 and leaders and teams need to think and act, differently. Enhancing and optimising the existing is not enough to ensure future customer...
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diagram that show the 5 stages of digital maturity as a curve with commentary beneath
We devised the Prospero Digital Maturity Curve to act as a framework to answer the question ‘How do I know where I am on the digital journey?’. With many fresh digital challenges facing retailers and brand businesses, we often get asked how clients can understand their own digital journey better, specifically: What do I need...
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