The Multichannel Success Podcast Season 3

season 3 x3 men Podcast Multichannelsuccessseason 3 x3 men Podcast Multichannelsuccess

We had really good feedback from you from our first two seasons, in particular you enjoyed the mix of strategic guidance AND real-world practical advice. We’ve done the same in this series so alongside stuff that provokes thought, there should always be specifics that you can take away from each listen.

You also enjoyed our special guests, so for most of this season’s episodes we’ve invited an industry expert to add to your (and our) understanding. We’ve invited them to help us with important business questions such as whether you need to consider a replatform or not, whether or not you need an SI partner and if you should be thinking of more selling channels

As always your hosts for this season are:

And many thanks to our new sponsors for this Season - Sweft helping retail eCommerce teams get products live on-site in record time

Below, you'll see a summary of each of the episodes along with a link to each of the transcripts which are available for you to download.

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In Episode 1 - Why you probably don't need to replatform - but why you might.

Joining us this time is Jeremy Wilson from Prospero and Deepak from Shopline to talk about the shift from monolithic platforms to flexible ecosystems, and the evolving nature of platforms into partnerships. We also touch on the increasing role of social media in customer acquisition and the critical need for retailers to involve their customers in the tech development process. From the importance of a clear plan to the benefits of an external project manager, we covered the A to Z of re-platforming. It was a jam-packed session full of insights for retailers pondering the big question- listen here or read the transcript.

In Episode 2 - Why your conversion rate obsession is obsolete - or is it?

We had the pleasure of talking with my co-host, Mark Pinkerton, and our special guest Abi Hough for this episode all about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Abi, with her 20 years of consulting experience, shared fascinating insights into the importance of understanding user behavior beyond mere conversion rates. Mark reflected on his extensive CRO background and noted the shift towards a more holistic approach to optimization. We debated the relevance of CRO in today's tech-driven landscape, and how the human touch remains crucial in understanding customers. - listen here or read the transcript.

In Episode 3 - Why you dont need an SI....or you do.

Hosts David Worby and Mark Pinkerton are joined by Kevin Murray Chief Customer Experience Officer at Infinity, to discuss why sometimes you can wave goodbye to a Systems Integrator (SI). We're unraveling the mystery of what an SI is, how the role has evolved, and the shifting landscape of technology. From discussing the traditional SI model to exploring the new challenges of cloud-based systems, we're dissecting the reasons why businesses might choose to partner with an SI or tackle technology in-house - listen here or read the transcript.

In Episode 4 - Why you need more channels - or not!

Our star guest Dan Burnham from Listable was joined by David and David to discuss the ins and outs of e-commerce channels. Marketplaces, comparison shopping sites, affiliates, and the rising star of social commerce were all discussed. We also tackled the tricky topic of how businesses can navigate these channels to boost their brand without losing their unique voice or control over customer relationships. Whether you're an emerging brand or a seasoned player, choosing the right channels and managing them smartly is key to growth - listen here or read the transcript.

In Episode 5 - Why you will die without AI

Snowplow Co Founder Alex Dean joined David Worby and Mark Pinkerton to discuss retail's growing data focus post-COVID, the importance of data teams, and the acceleration of AI adoption. The discussion moved onto the distinction between traditional algorithms and AI, with AI's potential to revolutionise retail. We also touch on AI's role in content creation, search, and merchandising, and the challenges retailers face in adapting to AI due to capability gaps and the brain drain. A great episode for both the beginner and intermediate Ai watchers- listen here or read the transcript.

In Episode 6 - Efficiency is your new Superpower - its not just about growth

We had the pleasure of chatting with James Brooke, CEO of SWEFT, Michael Robinson, Chief Product Officer at SWEFT & David Kohn . They shared insights on the challenges retailers face post-pandemic, the need for profitable growth, and the crucial role of technology in improving efficiency. e-commerce integration, reducing time to market, and managing product information are key to staying competitive. The future of retail efficiency looks to be a blend of AI augmentation and a more interconnected, transparent organization that focuses on value-added activities - listen here or read the transcript In addition we have a Whitepaper for this episode - download it here

In Episode 7 - Why Agile is dead

In this episode, David Kohn, David Worby, and Mark Pinkerton of Prospero, engage in a lively discussion about Agile methodology, its relevance in e-commerce, and whether it's on its last legs. They delve into the Agile mindset, the challenges of defining project visions, and the balance between Agile's iterative nature and the need for budgetary control. They also explore the impact of Agile on various stakeholders within a multi-channel retail environment and the importance of organizational stability. The conversation concludes with insights on how Agile principles can be selectively adopted to improve project efficiency, even if a full Agile transformation isn't on the cards - listen here or read the transcript.