Our Performance Gap Model is designed to help Senior Executives quickly identify performance opportunities for eCommerce/ Digital Commerce.

In order to build your own what-if scenarios, use the sliders on the left to set where your performance currently is or where you want it to be. You can also adjust units per order and average order value to see the full impact.

The benchmark button is used to set numbers & see how much more performance you could achieve. Our base case reflects an aggregate of 200 retailers/brands across multiple sectors and the benchmarks are upper quartile performance.

Press the reset button to reset all sliders back to the original.

We would love to create a bespoke version for you with the correct funnel starting points, traffic, benchmarks and segments to make this Interactive Performance Gap Model even more relevant for you.

Contact us on hello@prosperocommerce.com or see our details here: Connect with Prospero

Prospero Interactive Performance Gap Model (PGM)