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Customer Acquisition Whitepaper

Prospero Review of Fashion sites using SAP Commerce is a deep-dive analysis that ranks a series of fashion retailers against a set of 70+ metrics from Delivery Services to PDP Performance and Search Capability to Trust and Security.....we hope you find it useful.

Prospero Review of Fashion sites using SAP Commerce

Prospero are pleased to share some of our reports and reviews, as well as models we’ve created that might help if you are involved in eCommerce.

Whitepaper - Customer AcquisitionWhitepaper - Customer Acquisition

We're delighted to share with you our latest white paper packed with strategies and concepts designed to help you get more from your investments.

Digital Maturity Curve

Performance Gap Model

Fashion Review

In addition to this Whitepaper we have also recorded a podcast episode - click here to access it.

The Prospero Digital Maturity Curve is designed to help you understand the various stages of digital maturity. The Inflection point is designed to be a variable point at which the whole organisation needs to become digital (rather than just the eCommerce function).

Prospero Digital Maturity Curve

Prospero Performance Gap Model is an interactive tool for use by eCommercve managers and teams who want to achieve more from their customer engagement funnel. The free-to-use tool will allow you to benchmark your own performance aganist a basket of competitors to realise a performance gain.

Prospero Performance Gap Model