The Multichannel Success Podcast Season 1

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The Multichannel success Podcast series contains 7 episodes covering many practical day to day challenges facing retailers and brands.

Your hosts for this series were:

Lots of advice and practical guidance.....enjoy

Below, you'll see a summary of each of the episodes along with a link to the transcript - available for you to download.

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In Episode 1 - Customer Retention

The panel talk about the challenges facing retailers and brands in keeping their customers engaged and connected. With LTV of customers becoming a hot topic getting the right balance is crucial - listen here or read the transcript.

In Episode 2 - Customer Acquisition

It's getting tougher and more expensive to attract new customers - whether that's via Google, Social media etc this episode focusses on the techniques you should adopt to avoid falling into the expensive traps - listen here or read the transcript

In Episode 3 - Social Media.

Our hosts are joined by Ben Muir Founder of Grow Digital and Marketing Director at Unsociable. Ben has become an official TikTok partner and has over 54m client views. Ben stopped by to talk all things social media - it's well worth a listen here or read the transcript

In Episode 4 - Customer Experience.

We delve into the world of Customer Experience (CX) and provide a series of perspectives on how the holistic experience often fall short of expectations. For many this is a new science however the value of thinking and acting like a customer often proves very beneficial - listen here or read the transcript

In Episode 5 - Trading Effectiveness

The topic of Trading Effectiveness produced an energising conversation in which the panel explored both the Strategic and Operational sides of this important subject. How mature is your business in how it optimises performance? Do you have the right KPIs at the heart of your business? how aligned is the organisation around the importance of trading? if these are relevant questions for your business - listen here or read the transcript

In Episode 6 - Data, Analytics and Insights

This is a very practical session in which the panel discussed the importance of having a clear end goal in sight before gathering and refining data. Topics also included GA4, GDPR and how the world of data science is evolving - listen here or read the transcript

In episode 7 - Technology & Systems (IT)

We discuss 'The drive toward Headless composability', 'The rise and rise of Shopify' and 'The challenge of avoiding the latest new shiny thing' on this week's podcast with guest speaker Liam Quinn - Technical Director at Vervaunt who joined our panel - listen here or read the transcript